Destinations That Require a Typhoid Vaccine

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Traveling to specific countries will need a typhoid. Some destinations have many cases of typhoid fever. Your primary care doctor can help prepare you for your next trip. Here are the details about the destinations that will only allow you in if you have a typhoid vaccine.

The high-risk areas

Cases of typhoid occur all over the world. But there are some countries that still hold large numbers of typhoid fever patients. These places often have poor hygiene and sanitation. Staying for long periods in a place with poor food hygiene and sanitation can expose an individual to typhoid fever. The Indian subcontinent, South America, and Africa, as well as South and Southeast Asia, are all high-risk areas for this disease. A person traveling to these places must have a typhoid vaccine.


As a high-burden country, India finds it challenging to resist or fight bacterial infections. This problem narrows a person’s treatment options as well. Typhoid fever is a growing problem in low-income areas, such as India. Lack of sanitation and hygienic areas make people vulnerable to this disease. Common typhoid fever patients are children below 15 years old. Adults usually develop their typhoid immunity from subclinical illness cases.

In India, information from community- and hospital-based studies has limitations. Studies show that two out of 1000 people below five years old and five out of 1000 people under 10 years old are affected by typhoid fever. More research shows that most cases happened in kids five to 12 years of age. Travelers to this country must have a typhoid vaccine before visiting.


Typhoid fever is often linked to chronic fever. Without treatment, it can lead to neurological problems or even intestinal perforation. That is why every traveler must have a typhoid vaccine before leaving for this country. Africa’s Western Cape has 64 cases of typhoid fever, and it had three different outbreaks. KwaZulu-Natal in the Eastern Cape has seven, and Limpopo has four.

Free State has four as well. North West has 18. Mpumalanga has 12. Gauteng has 45. South Africa has 150 cases each year. Infected and carrier individuals have the causative bacteria in their feces.

An individual can get this disease after consuming food and drink prepared by a person who sheds the bacteria. Infection may also happen if the sewage system contaminates the water supply system. Preventing this illness can help a person fight typhoid fever. Constant handwashing and getting a typhoid vaccine are effective ways to protect oneself from this disease.

South and Southeast Asia

Also known as enteric fever, typhoid fever affects these areas of the world. Healthcare professionals in South Asia know this disease well. Until now, there are no good diagnostic tests for it. Typhoid fever is a common condition of the bloodstream in South Asia. The incidence here is 500 people for every 100,000.

Each year, this part of the world deals with seven million typhoid fever patients. About 75,000 of them die each year. The unplanned and rapid urbanization of these parts of Asia contributes to a large number of typhoid fever cases. Lack of access to sanitation facilities and clean water, as well as terrible rural toilet systems, also cause this disease. South and Southeast Asia also practice open defecation, especially in rural areas. This is a huge factor that adds to the number of typhoid cases.

The spread of typhoid fever in countries like Pakistan is also due to the increase in multidrug-resistant typhoid. This variant replaced the less-resistant strains of typhoid fever. Studies show that five out of 29 people, who traveled to Pakistan from 2016 to 2018, had this highly resistant typhoid variant. The traditional antibiotics that were effective in fighting this infection became ineffective. This dramatic resistance to treatment makes it easier for typhoid fever to spread. Getting a typhoid vaccine before heading to Pakistan can save one’s life.

South America

Typhoid fever has reached Latin America as well. Studies reveal that travelers who visited Lima, Peru fell sick. Six days before their symptoms showed, these travelers stayed in a hard-to-reach village in the jungle. These tourists consumed local water and dishes. Diarrhea, fever, appetite loss, and intense thirst were the symptoms. Getting a typhoid vaccine before traveling to South America can make the trip enjoyable and agony-free.

A typhoid vaccine is necessary if you want to go to the mentioned parts of the world

Exploring places that you have never been to before can be more fulfilling and pleasant if you prepare well. Researching the country you will visit is important. This will give you an idea of what travel vaccinations to get. A typhoid vaccine can protect you from typhoid fever. Even so, doing what it takes to access clean food and drinks, as well as practicing proper handwashing techniques, can prevent getting typhoid fever during your trip.

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