Key Benefits of Having a Primary Care Doctor

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When people feel well, they do not always give thought to primary care health needs. However, everyone requires regular medical attention to stay in good shape. It might be to get a sports physical for school, deal with an accidental injury or receive treatment for an unexpected illness. Having a primary care doctor helps keep all family members in good health. 

Benefits of primary care physicians 

Primary care doctors know their individual patients and can coordinate ongoing health care needs. Utilizing these medical practitioners provides a number of benefits. 

Continuous care

Often, health conditions need to be monitored over time. These conditions can progress, requiring adjustments to medications. According to the Mayo Clinic, people who have a chronic condition often experience an improved quality of life when a primary care doctor is involved. Symptoms are more easily managed, and a medical professional can follow the case, making the right decisions for the patient. 

Even those without a chronic condition can benefit from a primary care doctor. For example, consider someone who needs a physical every year to get a discount on health insurance. Using the same doctor each time makes the process easier. Knowing what to expect puts the patient at ease and makes the annual physical more comfortable.

Preventive care

When a person has been going to the same doctor's office for a while, the staff is more likely to notice potential health issues and possibly prevent them from worsening. A doctor can pay attention to changes in vital signs or physical conditions, making it easier to spot problems. Detecting a serious disease or condition early is much more likely when patients see a doctor on a routine basis. Early detection can give patients a wider variety of possible treatment options and often leads to a more positive outcome.

In addition, regular visits with a primary care doctor can help professionals notice trends that aren't problematic on their own but could cause issues in the future. These can include:

  • minor but steady weight gain
  • gradual increases in blood glucose, cholesterol, or triglycerides
  • chronic or worsening pain
  • changes in blood pressure

Simple lifestyle changes can counteract these smaller problems before they progress into much larger issues in many situations.

Physician access

Getting sick from time to time is almost inevitable. While there are ways to boost the immune system, it is nearly impossible to avoid coming down with something every now and then. Web MD says most adults get sick about two to four times a year. Children get sick even more frequently since their immune systems are not fully developed yet. While a simple head cold may not require a visit to the doctor's office, if it does not go away in a week, it may have developed into a sinus infection, ear infection, or bronchitis. A trip to the doctor's office is warranted to make sure it has not turned into a bacterial infection requiring antibiotics. Quick access to the doctor can prevent things from getting worse.

The same goes for an injury. A fall down icy steps, or a slip on a wet floor, can lead to a sprain, broken ankle, or worse. Of course, extreme injuries should be evaluated in an emergency room where equipment such as X-rays are readily available. However, if the injury is mild, a primary care doctor can examine the injury and diagnose the issue.

It can be difficult to see a physician promptly if you are considered a new patient in most situations. In fact, many offices may not see you at all until you have scheduled a well-visit or new patient appointment first. However, existing or repeat patients are much more likely to be seen in a timely manner. Many technological advances also allow patients to communicate with their primary care doctor on a private email or messaging system to ask questions about symptoms, medications, and other health concerns.


Having a primary care doctor makes regular medical attention much easier. Whether it is for the management of a chronic condition or preventive care for issues that can occur in the future, establishing a relationship with a doctor can make it easier to notice potential health problems or changes in a chronic condition. In addition, getting proper treatment when coming down with an illness helps patients feel better faster. If you do not currently have a primary care physician, schedule an appointment today to start the process.

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