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Getting an immigration medical exam is a requirement if you want to move to the United States. It is also part of the process of getting a green card. The U.S. needs to ensure the health of the American public. Screening intending immigrants is ideal in making this possible. If you want to know the things an immigration medical exam includes, here are the details.

The purpose

Vaccinations and medical examinations of foreigners protect the health of U.S. residents. Admissibility is only possible for foreign nationals who pass the health-related standards. Any of four basic conditions could make an applicant inadmissible. Communicable diseases and mental disorders cause inadmissibility. Immigrants must also show vaccination records. Foreign nationals and immigrants cannot enter the United States if they have a history of addiction or drug abuse as well.

An immigration medical exam is not a comprehensive physical examination. Its purpose is to examine the health conditions significant to the U.S. law on immigration. The U.S. Public Health Service specifies the doctor for the immigration purposes. It does not mandate the doctor to provide the patient with treatment or diagnosis even if the doctor discovers health issues.

Choosing the doctor

A government-approved physician must perform the immigration medical exam. Such an exam outside the U.S. is in the hands of panel physicians. Applicants inside the U.S. must see a civil surgeon. Consular processing will involve panel physicians.

These are doctors with the certification of the Department of State. Most cases involve the applicant’s choice of physician. Yet, it is ideal to check with the local consulate first. The applicant must have an appointment notification before the panel physician performs the immigration medical exam. A civil surgeon in the United States must perform a medical check for adjustment of status cases.

Scheduling an immigration medical exam

The National Visa Center will tell the consular applicants when it is time to set the appointment for the exam. The applicant must complete vaccinations and a medical exam before the set immigrant visa meeting. There is a list of several items the applicant must prepare before the immigration medical exam. The list will depend on the exam’s location. A medical exam outside the United States will have the guidance of the U.S. embassy. The items are the following:

  • Vaccination records
  • Valid passport or other government photo identification
  • The fee (depends on the doctor)
  • Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record or Form I-693 (for status adjustment)
  • Medication list
  • Health condition report
  • U.S. passport photographs
  • Certificate of clearance for syphilis
  • Certificate of clearance for tuberculosis
  • Certificate of clearance for drug abuse, alcohol abuse, or mental illness
  • Information regarding the relation of the applicant’s violent behavior to either drug abuse, alcohol abuse, medical issues, or psychiatric problems

The doctor who performs the exam

There are two doctors that can perform an immigration medical exam. The right doctor will depend on the place from which you are applying. Applying from abroad will need a panel physician. This doctor is authorized by the United States Department of State. Applying from the U.S. will need a civil surgeon assigned by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Choosing a doctor will involve asking about accepted health insurance companies, the doctor’s availability, and the fees.

When to schedule

An individual can schedule the medical exam before the green card application starts. After the exam, the individual will submit the results along with the application package. This is the concurrent filing process. Scheduling the exam after the green card application is also possible. The applicant must bring the medical exam results during the green card interview. The results of the exam will be valid for four years from when the doctor signs the document.

When applying from abroad

The applicant should search for the U.S. consulate or embassy first. This will give the individual proper instructions for the medical exam. The applicant will select the doctor based on the information provided earlier. Setting an appointment as soon as the applicant receives an interview appointment is ideal. Scheduling the immigration medical exam should happen only after receiving the green card interview appointment.

You need an immigration medical exam to live in the United States

Every country has a set of protocols for accepting people who want to seek residence. The United States is among the most stringent countries when it comes to the health of its citizens. You must be ready for your immigration medical exam to pass it. Doing so will strengthen your immigration application.

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