What Travel Vaccinations Will I Need?

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Vaccinations are an essential part of international travel. Ensuring that all vaccines are up to date and current may seem difficult, but one can ensure that they are safely ready to travel by taking it one step at a time. This review discusses travel vaccinations and discusses how to ensure that the necessary ones are obtained. 

A review of travel vaccinations

The travel vaccinations that one will need depends on which country (or countries) is being visited. Those who are U.S. residents or citizens, likely already received many (if not all) of the vaccines that are needed. However, some countries have additional vaccine requirements. Below we discuss how to determine which travel vaccinations are needed and how to receive them before traveling. 

Routine vaccinations

It is crucial to first make sure that you are caught up with all routine vaccinations that are recommended in the United States. Certain conditions such as measles are not an issue in the U.S., but they still are a problem in certain countries. 

Travel-specific vaccinations you may need

All countries have their own list of vaccines that travelers are required to receive before they are given a visa and allowed entry into the country. It is essential to review the specific vaccination requirements of the country to which you intend to travel. Keep in mind, the vaccine requirements may be different from the U.S. requirements. Therefore, one may need vaccines beyond the routine vaccinations here. For example, those who are traveling to India or certain other parts of the Indian subcontinent may need a typhoid vaccine. 

How to ensure you have all the vaccinations you need

The CDC’s destination pages provide information about which travel vaccinations are needed before leaving. Travelers can also determine which vaccines they need before leaving by visiting a healthcare professional who offers vaccine services at least one month before their departure date. 

What to expect during a vaccination appointment

Many healthcare providers in the United States provide travel vaccinations. The process is easy and non-invasive. Once the patient sees the medical provider after a short wait, they are asked to sit comfortably in a chair. Most vaccines are administered via injection in the upper arm. The shot is relatively painless, although there may be some slight discomfort that should not last long. After the vaccination, the patient is usually asked to remain there under observation for several minutes to an hour to ensure there are no complications. 

FAQ about travel vaccinations

Perhaps the best way to learn more about current travel vaccination requirements and receive recommendations is to speak with a licensed primary care doctor or check the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website. Below are answers to four questions we commonly receive in regard to vaccinations before traveling internationally. 

Are travel vaccinations safe?

Vaccinations that are recommended and approved by the CDC are safe. Risks are typically minimal and incredibly rare. However, it helps to learn more about the safety and efficacy of each specific vaccine type. There may be some minimal side effects after injection, such as pain, redness, and swelling around the injection site. 

How long before I can travel after a vaccination?

This depends on the country and the type of vaccination. In most cases (and for most countries), it is safe to expect to need vaccinations are least a month or two weeks ahead of the departure time. This allows for plenty of time if multiple doses are needed. 

Where can I receive travel vaccinations?

Many health centers and clinics offer vaccinations for travelers. Be sure to choose a provider that is licensed and has experience with the vaccinations that might be required prior to travel. Medical providers should also be able to assist with determining what exactly the vaccine needs are. 

Is a COVID-19 vaccination a required travel vaccination?

Most countries now require proof of at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccination. Travelers should check their country’s COVID-19 policy to determine what their vaccination needs are. However, those who are not vaccinated and intend to travel internationally will likely need to receive the vaccine at least two weeks prior to their departure. 

Our primary care office can help you with vaccine needs

Here at our primary care office, we provide vaccinations for international travelers. If you are unsure which vaccinations are needed, contact us today. We are glad to help patients determine their vaccine needs, and we can help ensure that the appropriate vaccinations are received in a timely and safe matter. 

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