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A college medical clearance exam is an important part of getting a student ready for their first year at a college or university. Today, this step is part of many college and university requirements. Our practice helps students with this crucial step so they can have a healthy start to this exciting new phase of their lives.

Dr. Marina Gafanovich and her team help students with college medical clearance in their Upper East Side Manhattan office. We will help you with your exam and paperwork. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call 212-548-3263 today.

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Who Needs a College Medical Clearance Exam

Though any student preparing to go off to college can benefit from a pre-college physical, many colleges and universities require one. The requirements will vary by institution. However, we advise students to start this step early to meet any necessary deadlines.

Depending on the requirements for a particular college or university, the student's primary care doctor can help with college medical clearance. If the primary care physician cannot fulfill all the requirements, they can usually refer the student to a specialist or healthcare professional who can. If the student needs help quickly or on a walk-in basis, we may be able to make special arrangements.

Why College Medical Clearance

Besides the fact that many institutions require them, a college medical clearance exam is a good chance for students to check in on their current health situation. A doctor can help students ensure they are up to date on all required immunizations and meet the requirements of the college or university they plan to attend. In addition, a physician can check for any signs of health problems so they can address the issue before school starts.

Starting college can be exciting but stressful, and students owe it to themselves to protect and support their health. According to the 2019 American College Health Association National College Health Assessment nearly half of college students reported a more than average level of stress. A doctor can advise students on managing stress, along with other health issues, such as weight management, nutrition, avoiding substance abuse, and maintaining sexual wellness.


College campuses are higher risk for communicable disease outbreaks. Large numbers of students often live in close quarters, gather in cafeterias, share computers and equipment, and sit close together in classes. Therefore, immunizations are a key part of college medical clearance. Common recommended and required vaccines include:

  • Hepatitis B
  • HPV (human papillomavirus)
  • Meningococcal
  • MMR Vaccine (measles, mumps & rubella)
  • TDap (tetanus, diphtheria & pertussis)

Each institution will have its own set of requirements. Therefore, patients should check with the institution they plan to attend on the required and recommended immunizations.

What to Expect at the Exam

College medical clearance exams vary by institution and student circumstances. For example, students participating in athletics may need to meet certain health requirements that others do not. Also, colleges and universities vary in their immunization requirements and screening requirements.

A typical exam will start with a patient’s health history, including an immunization history. Then, the doctor will check the patient's vital signs and conduct a physical exam. During this appointment, the doctor will discuss any current health concerns the patient may have, as well as any lifestyle factors that affect their health, such as nutrition and exercise. The doctor may screen for certain illnesses requested by the college or university as well as order any necessary labs and bloodwork.

Preparing for a College Medical Clearance

Students should start by ensuring they know what the college or university needs from them regarding medical tests and health information. It is important for patients to bring any paperwork from the college or university that the doctor needs to fill out and sign. In addition, patients should bring information on their health history, immunization history, prescriptions, and current health issues.

Patients headed off to college should also take this as an opportunity to ask important health questions. We recommend patients make a list ahead of time to ensure we address all their issues. Patients should be open and honest about their lifestyle and health information so we can get the best assessment of their health and advise them.

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Dr. Marina Gafanovich helps students with their college medical clearance in her Upper East Side Manhattan office. Let us help you prepare for this big and exciting change in your life. Call our office at 212-548-3263 to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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