Migraine Headache Treatment New York, NY

A migraine headache often forces many to make drastic changes to their daily routine and schedule. For many people, the severity of a migraine headache can lead to missing work, meetings, school, and other important events. While migraine headaches can be difficult to prevent and even more challenging to eliminate after they occur, the proper treatment and preventive care can greatly reduce the effect that they have on an everyday routine. Fortunately, our staff can help relieve symptoms, provide treatment for migraine headaches, and prevent future headaches.

Migraine headache treatment is available at Marina Gafanovich, MD and the surrounding area. It is essential to receive immediate medical care for migraines and severe headaches to keep pain and other symptoms at a tolerable level while preventing more serious conditions from arising. We can help treat your symptoms today. Give us a call to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment.

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