Skin Biopsy New York, NY

A skin biopsy is a diagnostic test that can help a primary care doctor detect skin cancer. Cancer refers to a group of diseases wherein some cells in a person's body begin to divide without stopping. They will then spread and affect surrounding tissues. This type of disease can start in any part of the human body. Skin cancer refers to the abnormal growth of a person's skin cells. A way to determine if one has skin cancer or a skin condition is to get a biopsy.

Hearing the word cancer can be frightening. Many people know that it can be deadly. However, the severity of any form of cancer varies. While treatment can greatly improve a patient's condition, it requires a customized plan. Skin biopsies are available at Marina Gafanovich, MD and the surrounding area. Find out more about skin biopsy by contacting us at (212) 548-3263 or visiting our office at New York.

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